Radical Loving Program

10-month Spiritual Coaching Program

You’ve taken our 9-month Radical Loving Program and you want more.

If you have fallen in love with this work and want to become a practitioner, we offer a 10-month training program. 

During our 10-months together, you will learn the techniques and tools that we teach, and get hands-on practice with them.

This is a highly experiential course designed to prepare you to add spiritual coaching to your professional repertoire. Many students are practitioners already, but some seek to make spiritual coaching their full-time work. Any student who has completed the 9-month Radical Loving Course is eligible to participate.

You’ll get the skills you need in whole body intuitive listening, reflection, and application of techniques.

In our 10-months together, you will:

Coaching Calls

Have two zoom coaching calls a month with both Jessica & Charmayne


Attend two in-person retreats in Santa Fe which include coaching, professional development, personal development, and breathwork (plus extra goodies like sound healing)


Get real-life practice in a super supportive environment. We’ll practice on each other and eventually take on practice clients. Don’t let this scare you, we are here to support you every step of the way.


Receive a workbook that details how to conduct sessions, techniques, etc.

Professional Training

Deepen your personal work – though this is our professional training, we believe that we have to be consistently showing up and doing our own work to be the most effective practitioners.


We’ll be mentoring and coaching you the whole way.

Lifelong Community:

Make lifelong friends. This is it, your tribe. Students who have taken our courses often say that they’ve met some of their closest friends in this work. Our students are heart-centered, loving, empathic people who finally find people just like them. Be held in a safe container of non-judgment and love. We will love you every step of the way. This in itself has been life-changing for students.

We can’t wait to love you up.

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It is possible to love this huge heart of yours, and all of the places you’ve been hurt or neglected.

It is possible to wake up in the morning full of joy.

It is possible to feel safe.

It is possible to truly love yourself and all the parts of you that have been wounded.

We invite you to stay connected with us to see if our offerings are right for you.

Our next 9-month Radical Loving Program kicks off October 2020.

Applications close March 15th.