Radical Loving Program

We are Jessica and Charmayne…

In 2017, we saw a calling. So many clients, friends, and family we knew seemed to be searching for a better way of doing life. They were struggling with anxiety, depression, a feeling that something was just off.

They wanted spiritual answers but couldn’t find them anywhere.

We have both been there, and found our way out, thanks to life-changing spiritual teachings from our mentors. We knew we wanted to make sure every person who wanted spiritual transformation from a place of love, had access to these incredible tools.

So, we created the Institute of Spiritual Coaching to help teach people the spiritual techniques and tools that radically changed our lives.

It is our mission to teach people how to use love to find harmony, balance, and joy.

This work is life-changing. And we want to share it.

We offer a 9-month personal healing journey called Radical Loving. For those who fall in love with this work the way we did and want to become practitioners, we offer a 10-month certification path in spiritual coaching.

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a way of looking at yourself, and your life in a way that goes beyond the surface and into the deep levels of the divine.

It is like life coaching, but deeper.

It is an approach where we put love at the center of all things.

Every circumstance, every experience, every goal, we look at through the lens of love.

This is real self-love where you Learn to radically love all parts of you.

This counteracts the dissolves the constant judgments coming from the brain about who we are and our worth.

What if everything in your life was working to your benefit somehow? What if you just needed help seeing how life is serving you and how you can work with life to create more peace, ease, abundance, and joy?

Spiritual coaching takes everyday life issues such as relationships, health, money, and career and uses them to go deeper. We use them to see what your Soul is calling you to. We use life to find a deeper level of self-love, self-trust, and self-worth.

Rather than just fix the issues in life, we go deep inside and transform ourselves to that our whole approach to life is transformed to one of joy and deep love.

Who would you be if you could love every aspect of yourself?
How would you feel if you could love all that you were experiencing?

Charmayne Kilcup, PhD is a mother, wife, author, and spiritual coach. She holds a PhD in psychology and a M.A. in Counseling. Her book, Heal Your Heart: How to Awaken the Soul with Self-forgiveness was listed as one of Aspire magazine’s Top 10 Inspiration books. She is a certified Noetic Field Therapist, ThetaHealer, and Reconnective Healer. Charmayne uses her gifts of intuition and her training in psychology and energy healing to create life-changing shifts for clients. As an introvert and highly sensitive person, Charmayne understands firsthand how challenging it can be to walk through this world when you feel everything.

Visit her at Charmaynekilcup.com.

Jessica Flanigan is a Clinical Nutritionist and is author of the first mind-body book about Autoimmune Disease, The Loving Diet. She has spent the last six years of her clinical nutrition practice focusing on working with clients in Autoimmune Paleo, but has since moved on to more advanced functional medicine based gut restoration applications to remove restriction from her client’s protocols and work with clients struggling with disordered eating with her program Transformational EatingTM.

Visit her at Jessicaflanigan.com.

It is possible to love this huge heart of yours, and all of the places you’ve been hurt or neglected.

It is possible to wake up in the morning full of joy.

It is possible to feel safe.

It is possible to truly love yourself and all the parts of you that have been wounded.

We invite you to stay connected with us to see if our offerings are right for you.

Our next 9-month Radical Loving Program kicks off October 2020.

Applications close March 15th.