What You Can Expect From This Course:

In this module, the focus will be YOU. Learn transformative practices and techniques to shift out of discomfort, self-judgement, and heaviness. You will be the focus of transformation, held in a loving space with two master healers to help guide you and support you. Module 1 is a powerful accelerator that most students report as life-changing. It is a deeply healing, transformative, and connected experience. You’ll be supported in an intimate and safe container of like-minded colleagues who are focused on growth. Jessica and Charmayne will gently guide you into embodying a deeper, wiser part of yourself. You will learn tools and techniques that you will put into practice in Module 2.

  • Personal Transformation:

    We will be with you holding a healing container for 6 months.

    The best coaches do their own healing first. We will be with you every step of the way to facilitate transformation for you so you know what spiritual transformation feels like, in your very bones. Every question or concern you have about yourself or being a spiritual coach is welcome.

  • 2 Calls a Month:

    Group Coaching with Jessica & Charmayne

    Twice a month, Charmayne & Jessica will host a zoom call for two and a half hours. This is your class time. You’ll be learning new skills, techniques, and doing check ins about your process. This is a deeply powerful container where you will experience tremendous healing.

    Class Dates: (Mondays 3pm PST lasting for 2.5 hrs)
    Sept 9, 23
    Oct 7, 28
    Nov 4, 18
    Dec 2, 16
    Jan 6, 27
    Feb 17th (only one class in retreat months)
  • In-Person Retreat!!:

    This time will be invaluable. Get in-person coaching, connect with a community of people just like you, and make lifelong friends, all while enjoying one of the hippest cities in the country. Make life-long friends. Most students report this weekend as the best part of the whole program!

    Santa Fe, NM Retreat Dates: 
    Oct 18th-20th
    Feb 7th-9th
    Note: Sundays at retreat we finish at 3pm
  • Monthly Workbook Designed for You

    You’ll get a monthly workbook with meditations, exercises, and suggested reading to deepen your practice.

  • Private Facebook Group:

    Stay connected with us and the friends you are about to make

    You’ll have access to a private FB group just for your class. You can ask questions, get support, and connect with others.

  • Certificate of Completion:

    At the end of the 6-months, you will get a certificate of completion for Level 1 of Spiritual Coaching.

  • Lifelong Community:

    You will make friends and colleagues that will support and assist you for a lifetime

    Our clients are awesome people. Meet people like you who are focused on health, spirituality, and personal transformation.