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People call you successful. On the outside, it looks like you have it together – the career, the partner, the kids, etc. You did it all right.

You did all of the things you thought would make you happy.

But something isn’t right.

And you may be scared to admit it to anyone, possibly even yourself.

You plaster a smile on your face, but inside, something is screaming.

You want more, but don’t know what it is you want more of.

There is a yearning, a craving, for satisfaction.

You may try and find it through ice cream, or purses, or making everyone around you happy.

Or you might try and find it by being perfect – the perfect mother, partner, friend, daughter, the woman with the healthiest and most perfect body.

But you still aren’t where you want to be.

It isn’t working.

That thing deep inside of you is still asking for more.

You want to wake up with a smile on your face. Feeling the joy of the sun streaming in your windows.

You want to hug your partner and actually enjoy melting into their arms.

You want to walk down a trail and actually enjoy the sound of the birds, the breeze across your arms, the sight of a beautiful tree, without the spiral of negative thoughts that usually accompany you.

You want to a circle of friends who get you to your core, and support your wildest dreams and lift you up when you are struggling.

You want to feel peaceful inside, even when navigating through life’s crazy twists and turns.

You want to know that you are safe. Deeply and totally safe.

You want something deeper to connect to – something that goes beyond your spouse, or kids, perfect health, or even career.


You want Soul. Or Heart. Or Love. Or whatever it is you call that thing that is that you feel but don’t know what to call.

You want that deep fulfilment and joy that comes from a spiritual source and reminds you that love is always possible. Freedom is always there for you. Love is always going to find you.

You are ready for more.

You are ready for the healing transformation that only comes when you learn to love yourself and use your life to grow.

You are ready to connect to the deepest source inside of you and find your loving radiance.

You are ready for joy.

And love.

And happiness.

It is your birthright.

And it is waiting on the other side for you.


RADICAL LOVE: 9-month program

You know you need to love yourself, but you don’t know how.

You have a feeling something is missing in your life, a sense of connection, happiness, or joy, but don’t know how to find it.

The challenges you’ve faced in life still feel like they’ve beaten you down.

That’s where we come in.

In our 9-month signature program, we will take you through the processes and techniques that changed our lives. This is transformative work that will leave you forever changed.

This goes beyond therapy, or reiki, or crystals (which we love, but needed something deeper ourselves).

We will use the power of love to help you heal the places inside that have been neglected or abandoned. This is real self-love.

Imagine being held by two master healers for 9 months, while you do a deep dive into your own self.

Imagine being in a community of women just like you – focused on growth, healing, and compassion.

Imagine being fully supported, loved, and guided into a version of yourself that you always knew existed someplace inside of you.

Are you ready to go from living life in black in white to seeing and feeling all colors?

We invite you to apply.


Personal Transformation

We will be with you holding a healing container for 9 months.

We will be with you every step of the way to facilitate transformation in your heart, your mind, and into your very bones. You’ll have access to two master healers with decades of experience to help guide you through processes and techniques that are life-changing.

2 Calls a Month
Group Coaching with Jessica & Charmayne Twice a month, Charmayne & Jessica will host a zoom call for two and a half hours. This is your class time. You’ll be learning new skills, techniques, and process work. This is a deeply powerful container where you will experience tremendous healing. Class Dates: (Mondays 3pm PST lasting for 2.5 hrs)
In-Person Retreats!
This time will be invaluable. Get in-person coaching, connect with a community of people just like you, and make lifelong friends, all while enjoying one of the hippest cities in the country (with great food!). Make life-long friends. Most students report this weekend as the best part of the whole program! Santa Fe, NM Retreat Dates: April 30th – May 3rd September 17th-20th Note: Sundays at retreat we finish at 12 p.m.
Monthly Workbook Designed for You
You’ll get a monthly workbook with meditations, exercises, and suggested reading to deepen your practice.
Private Facebook Group
Stay connected with us and the friends you are about to make. You’ll have access to a private FB group just for your class. You can ask questions, get support, and connect with others.
Lifelong Community
You will make friends and colleagues that will support and assist you for a lifetime. Our clients are awesome people. Meet people like you who are focused on health, spirituality, and personal transformation.


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