Ever since the age of 16, Charmayne wanted to create a school to teach people about

After releasing her first book, Jessica realized she had a dream to teach thousands of people how to deepen their spiritual connection.

We shared a dream.

And our dream is now a reality.

We want to teach others to live their lives from heart, truth, and inner alignment.

We’ve had the immense privilege of studying with some of the most profound and inspiring
spiritual teachers in the world.

We’ve been taught to see and more importantly, feel how loving can be at the center of all we do and who we are.

We’ve been shown how to release the heavy cloak of self-judgment and step into a life of flow, trust, and deep connection.

We wanted to create a real-life Hogwarts where people could know and feel the magic that is possible in their own lives.

This is a school of LOVE. Yes, we teach Spiritual Coaching, but more than anything, we teach love for yourself, for the planet, and for all of your experiences.

We want to show you that living a life filled with love is possible. Not only that, it is possible to create a successful career based on serving others.

Spiritual Coaching is about transformation. Transforming the negativity, self-doubt, fear, guilt, and shame into joy, connection, and radiance.

We would love for you to join us in deepening in your own spiritual life. And, if you feel called, learning how to lead others into doing the same.

If you’ve ever had a desire to be a coach, healer, or just deepen in your own spiritual
connection, welcome. You belong here. This is your tribe. We are so glad you are here and
cannot wait to connect with you.

Our Process

  • 1. Take responsibility

    We take responsibility for our experience (even if that includes anger, sadness, disappointment, hurt, regret). We own it all. We accept it so we stop resisting what is.

  • 2. Use experience as learning

    We use our own experiences as learning. Whatever we have been through, whatever we are going through, we use as our teacher. As spiritual coaches, we do our own work first and constantly. We strive to be clear in heart and mind so we can show up with complete presence for ourselves and others.

  • 3. Self-forgiveness & self-love

    We bring self-forgiveness and self-love to whatever we are going through. We bring non-judgmental compassion to ourselves first, so we can do the same for others.

  • 4. Acceptance

    We mine the gifts of our experience. We accept the hard parts of life. And we look for the learning in all of it. We look at what is happening in our lives from the perspective of the ego and then, the soul.

  • 5. Guidance

    We guide others through learning how to forgive themselves, release judgement, and step into an easier way of living.

  • 6. Finding love

    We seek always to find the love inside of ourselves and in others. We connect to ourselves through love and to others with love. This is a continual process where we deepen more and more into love to find true joy.